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    Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver - Mystery Gift - Mew

    Nintendo Celebrating Pokemon Gold & Silver Anniversary with Mew

    Thanks to a tip from a fellow MiceChatter, I was able to obtain the rare Pokemon Mew for my Pokemon Heart Gold DS game, and also my Pokemon Soul Silver game.

    I have recently gotten back to my Heart Gold game after it sitting idle for months and months. The other night I finally caught Ho-Oh, and I am still not ready to head to the Elite 4. Now that I have Mew, I just might enjoy spending the time leveling him up so that he can help me beat the Elite 4.

    So if you have a WiFi connection, you might want to check out the link above, and obtain a Mew for your very own. He is at Level 5.

    I began training mine, and just for fun tonite, the one that I have in Soul Silver, now has Fly, Surf, False Swipe, and Fire Blast. He is presently at Level 8. Who knows what attacks he may end up with by the time we make it to the Elite 4. Mew can learn all TM's and HM's.

    Gotta Catch Em All.
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    Re: Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver - Mystery Gift - Mew

    Now my brothers are gonna want one! lol
    I have received an old one from a friend (Pokemon Pearl game)
    It was one of my strongest.
    Along with my Luxray (lv 100) and Nidoking (lv 100)
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