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    Animal Crossing.

    Yesterday I purchased Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS. I was not able to purchase the guide book, but I hope to pick up one of those soon.

    Basically the game is very similar to the original Animal Crossing. Now Animal Crossing is portable. The differences are that there is only one house. 4 people can live in the one house. It is still the same Tom Nook. You arrive in a taxi, instead of a train. Today I found a coconut washed up on the shore. You used to have to travel to the island for those. I don't like the fact that in order to go to a different town, you need to know someone, who is also playing Animal Crossing or you need another Animal Crossing DS game and DS. You used to be able to play 2 towns before, with just 2 memory cards.

    I like playing Animal Crossing. It is relaxing and it is something my grandson and I can share. Today I caught something called a Football Fish. I need to get the guidebook soon, so I know what the best tips are so I can take my game in a positive direction. My town is Blueburg. I love the color Blue.

    Want a simple fun game to play, play Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS.

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    Re: Animal Crossing.

    Yup... I have it as well... very fun.

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    Re: Animal Crossing.

    Sounds like a cool game. I'll check it out. Besides, I had better know where the crossing is if I don't want to run over any animals.

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