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    Re: Anyone get Disneyland kinect?

    My girlfriend and I love it.

    A DLC I would like to see s the addition of Fantasmic!

    But thats probably asking too much.

    So another DLC that comes to mind is being able to explore Tom Swayers Island, and a mini games for Indiana Jones Adventure would be cool also.

    Maybe add ride simulation like they did for the Go Coaster for Big Thunder and Space Mountain at least, that would be awesome.

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    Re: Anyone get Disneyland kinect?

    I was thinking an extension where you can go into DCA when DCA is done. Also, this game is one that they should keep updating when new things open in DL so that it doesn't become dated. The only complaint I have is that you can't navigate with the remote, which would let me sit there for hours going through the park. I only play for a half an hour at a time because I don't like to just stand there. Maybe that's an option with an update in the future....

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    Re: Anyone get Disneyland kinect?

    Winning mega millions is easier than accessing the camera and the rest of your inventory

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    Re: Anyone get Disneyland kinect?

    Quote Originally Posted by biggsworth View Post
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