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    Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review


    I have been a member on the boards for a few years now - mainly posting on the Disneyland Paris boards,
    but I also write for a Video Gaming website, where I get to review new games.

    Thought you all might be interested in my review for Kinect Disneyland Adventures, which can be found here:
    Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review

    I also think so.

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    Re: Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review

    I want an Xbox Kinect just to play this game...
    ...After a YEAR I finally was able to figure out my password again! I'm baaack! Woohoo!(:
    Disney is my life <3
    Thank Walt for all he did! <3
    Future Imagineer <3
    Keep Disney the way Walt intended it!!

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