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    Question QUESTION: How do you get by the first level in WALL-E: the video game?

    Well, Micechatters, I have a question for you!

    My parents bought me WALL-E: the video game for my 13th birthday. My mom decided to mute the T.V. while I was on the first level and turn the radio on, as she was annoyed by Sunday Clothes repeating itself multiple times. Well, in true aspie format, this caused issues for my mind and I could not focus on the game quite as well. As a result, I kept landing poor WALL-E into the sludgepool that is by the little orange-and-red-and-yellow signs and the bridge that you build by hitting one of those little B&L signs. My question is: how do you get across that bridge w/o landing in the sludgepool? I'm lucky this is a video game, b/c you get to regenerate very quickly after landin' the poor guy in the sludgepool.
    Jessie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My fav part in 2 is:
    Buzz: clears throat)
    I just wanted to say you're a bright young woman with a beautiful "yarnful" of hair... er, "hairful" of yarn. It's...uh...woah. (clears throat) I must go!
    Jessie: Well, aren't you the sweetest space toy I ever met!
    Buster: (barking)
    Slinky: What's that? Bark, bark? Uh...this fellow says he needs to go out back for a little "private time"!
    Jessie: That critter needs help! (jumps on toy car) Yodle-ay-HEEE-HOOO!!!!!
    Buzz: (wings suddenly pop open)

    Also, my fav part in 3 is:
    Jessie: turns on Spanish music)
    Buzz: involenterily starts dancing) I...I don't know what came over me!
    Jessie: goo-goo eyes) Just go with it, Buzz!
    (Then, they start doing the Paso Doble to a Spanish version of "You've Got a Friend in Me". Towards the end of the dance, Woody tosses Jessie a rose to catch in her mouth. It's awesome.)

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    Re: QUESTION: How do you get by the first level in WALL-E: the video game?

    I've never played that old Walle game before, so I have no idea what you're talking about. have you tried searching for walkthroughs on youtube or ign?

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