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    Heads Up For ALL RCT3 Owners - New Patches

    For ANY RCT3 owner (Vanilla, Soaked, or Wild!), there have been new patches released.

    For Base RCT3 [Update 3] - A slew of bug fixes, Custom Shops & Billboards, and many Soaked! features (including tunneling) have been added.

    For Soaked! [Update 1] - Custom Shops and Billboards have been added, with a slew of bug fixes.

    For Wild! [Update 2] - A fix for night lag, and installation issues.

    These are major releases and added features for the non-Wild! owners. I guess when you throw game-advertising into the mix, they fix stuff.

    To get the latest updates, use the "Check for Updates" feature.
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    Re: Heads Up For ALL RCT3 Owners - New Patches

    Thanks for the heads up, Monorail Man! I've been playing the Sims2 so much lately, I haven't been keeping up on RCT3.
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