So who out there is playing Pokemon X & Y, besides me?

Actually, I am playing Y, and my grandson is playing X. I am really enjoying the game. My grandson has already beaten the Elite 4, and right now, he is trying to complete his Pokedex, and do all the extra stuff that is included in the game.

My game playing was interrupted by my Disneyland vacation, and I did not get the guide until I came back. So I have only beat 2 gyms, but my 6 pokemon are all just under Level 40, and I am ready to tackle the third Gym.

I love the new starters, and the fact that you are given one of the very first starters in the game. Today, I finally caught a female Eevee, so I can make some babies. It is great that the Daycare is included very early in the game. My grandson and I both agree that the reusable TM's are one of the best additions to the games.

I love Pokemon. I have been playing these games since my grandson was in kindergarten, and the two of us are still having fun. I think the new series is great, and especially a lot of fun with our new Nintendo 3DS game system.