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Thread: Magical World

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    Magical World

    Has anyone seen this game? From the pictures and description it seems like it may be a little bit like VMK. It looks like it could be pretty cute. Does anyone have more info on it?
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    Re: Magical World

    The image is not visible. Can you please post it again?
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    Re: Magical World

    This game is based off the Japanese version that released last year called Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. These three videos help get an idea of what to expect from the game.

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    Re: Magical World

    Came here looking to see if anyone had played it yet! I just bought it today and I really love it so far - Animal Crossing got very boring for me, with little replay value (I didn't like only being able to 'play' a game for 15 min a day doing the same tedious chores, bleh). This is everything great and fun about AC, but with Disney characters, and 100x more stuff to do (even though it's menial types of things, like doing quest favors for other characters, making clothes, etc).
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