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    Re: Pirates

    nice tips! ill be sure to try them!

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    Re: The Pirates of the Caribbean Game FAQ

    Wow! Thanks figment! I was in level 3 and it was so sad! I had to restart

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    Re: The Pirates of the Caribbean Game FAQ


    Now the person starting can change sides...
    (needs screen)

    and you win keys every 10 wins...

    each key goes with each level...

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    Re: The Pirates of the Caribbean Game FAQ

    I don't knwo about you guys but I get one every three wins on level 3.

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    Re: The Pirates of the Caribbean Game FAQ

    THis might help in playing pirates and possibley wins!

    I've gotten pretty good at pirates so check out some of my tips, may help, and may not =]


    Selecting ship: When selecting ship, look at the other ships being used, if everyone has the Wicked Winch then you'd pick the Flying Dutchman, but if everybody had the Black Pearl it's best to pick between Wicked Winch, or Flying Dutchman to help destroy them taking their health away faster although watch their shooting since they are faster

    Shooting: Use the arrows, left and right too shoot, avoid shooting when not needed to save ammo, shooting from behind or in front move right after shooting to avoid being gotten back. Also moving while shooting can be helpful if you've gotten good at normal shooting

    Staying Alive: If you've been shot and only have 3-1 health boxes left then search close by you for health floating, if somebody is racing you too it and their ship is fast (Black Pearl) then just position yourself to get them while they are going for it to make them lose life quicker maybe killing them before they reaching it leaving it to you and anybody alive (unless they round/game is over of course).

    Sportsmanship: During the count down it's very kind to say good luck or gl for short. At the end of the round it's good to say good game or gg for short, or even good round. While the game is going avoid typing it looses your concentration, but if you have died encourage them that they can do it, don't talk on and on because that too causes a distraction. Don't punish your team or the other for bad sportsmanship or for winning, just encourage them they'll do better next time. Don't blame people/or computer for loses or dieing because there's no point.

    These are some main learning skills to help ANYBODY get good at pirates, they've helped me tones =]

    p.s don’t let richer people, host, or community leaders intimidate

    More Adavanced Tips:

    Staying Alive:First off read the MAIN Staying Alive tips before reading these; You can avoid players ammo, which means you just need to anticipate their next moves or where the ammo is going. Sometimes the ammo will fall into the water or be blocked by obstacles, as you may have noticed already.Try avoiding without playing hide n seek though or it makes you seem like you aren't very good or need health or ammo.

    Selecting Ship:First off, again, read the MAIN Selecting Ship tips before reading these; I recommend the Wicked Winch because you have more health, of course if everbody has the Fly Dutchman it wouldn't do any good since they could kill you in one shot although they only have 3 boxes of health! The Black Pearl is mostly recommended during Pirates of the Caribbean Flag Game. Other times it's just up to you!!

    Shooting:Yes again;First off read the MAIN Shooting tips before reading these; Easly you can shoot at angels. If you're above or ata n angel of your opponit it's easy to shoot them, just click the arrow in which way you want to shoot and click it twice. If you are side by side with an opponit quickly hold back moving and turn around, it's easy to shot from side by side but chances are you will be dead with them. Also avoid wasting ammo for it's a big pain to have to wonder around helpless without it. It is possible to not be hitten by a single ammo while playing pirates just practice avoiding ammo!!


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