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    Thumbs up GoofGeeks In.the Jones Adventure ride

    Goofgeek made this zazz ride! He's been working on it for about 4 months and it has three paths like the Indiana Jones ride. It goes through all kinds of cool rooms- each one themed. He has a trade gift shop at the end where, if you like, you can trade an item of yours for an item he's used on the ride- like tikis, crates, skeleton monkeys, and lanterns.

    He opens it most evenings, so search the guest rooms for Jones Adventure ride and you'll find it! Some people ride it again, and again, and again to experience all the different adventures!
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    Re: GoofGeeks In.the Jones Adventure ride

    I went on this and loved it! GoofGeek is a great VMK player and is very creative and friendly!

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    Re: GoofGeeks In.the Jones Adventure ride

    I cant wait to see this ride!

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