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    Getting Back into VMK

    Hey everyone...I've probably met a bunch of you on VMK and have since lost contact. The lack of a high speed internet connection for 5 months...really throws you out of the loop of things in VMK.'s a question to you all. After a long break (and recovering from acute VMK add-duck-tion) do you all get back into the groove of things. From what I've seen...the quest generators, the entire quest thing, and the amazing amount of weekly promotions is driving me insane. I've gotten most of the new magic pins and did spend my stockpiled credits to get a quest generator...but I'm not sure what to do now. All of my former VMK friends have disappeared!

    What should a new MiceChatter, but VMK veteran get himself involved in again?

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    Re: Getting Back into VMK

    Make a quest, make a slide. Play games

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    Re: Getting Back into VMK

    not everyone has that magic pin

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