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    Cool Hey Everyone.. I am Listening too...

    Bop to the Top!!!

    What is your favorite High School Musical Song?

    I Like.... hmm hmm...
    Stick to the Status Quo

    oh and check out my Musical
    Scurvier Dogs ye Never Shall Meet
    To Get to The treasure
    Be Quick with yer Fleet
    Dark Caverns Await
    With Dangers untold
    To Capture the treasure
    Ye Better Be Bold

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    Re: Hey Everyone.. I am Listening too...

    Umm... what does this have to do with VMK?
    "The views and opinions expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily represent or reflect those of The Walt Disney Company."

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    Turn right, go straight, take a left. Keep going. Keep going. Duck! Turn around, right. Found me! :)

    Re: Hey Everyone.. I am Listening too...

    Yes please go to entertament or something to take about that.

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