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    Cool ARCHIVE: DLR Park Quests - Answers

    These quests have now been retired, please see the current list available.

    Thank you.

    To help everyone, I went to a few friends and composed this list to assist everyone going to DLR soon... I encourage Everyone to double check these answers by riding the attractions, and visiting the parks.

    If you find any errors, Please PM or Email me: [email protected]

    Adventureland - In Park
    1. Spoiler
    2. Spoiler
      Rajah's Mint Penny-Press
    3. Spoiler
    4. Spoiler
      Stung by a scorpion
    5. Spoiler
      Mrs. Potts & Chip
    6. Spoiler
      A hornbill
    Fantasyland - In Park
    1. Spoiler
      Sleeping Beauty
    2. Spoiler
      The Evil Queen
    3. Spoiler
      As a topiary in front on "it's a small world"
    4. Spoiler
      Beauty and the Beast & Cinderella
    5. Spoiler
      The Loch Ness Monster
    6. Spoiler
      May 27, 1978
    Frontierland & Critter Country - In Park
    1. Spoiler
    2. Spoiler
    3. Spoiler
      The Assay Office
    4. Spoiler
      Sedona Mining Supplies Co.
    5. Spoiler
      A hangman's noose
    6. Spoiler
    Tomorrowland - Print At Home
    1. Spoiler
    2. Spoiler
      Flight 7 Coruscant
    3. Spoiler
      Class of 67
    4. Spoiler
      Your online partner who's helping you score extra points
    5. Spoiler
      A Christmas Party (changed Fall 06)
    6. Spoiler
    7. Spoiler
    8. Spoiler
      House of the Future
    9. Spoiler
      Rocket Rods
    50th Celebration - Print AT Home

    High School Musical Section
    1. Spoiler
      New Year's Eve
      Plays The Cello
    3. Spoiler
    4. Spoiler
      Go Drama Culb
    5. Spoiler
      6_Breaking Free
      7_We're All in This Together
      3_Stick to the Status Quo
      4_What I've Been Looking For
      1_Start of Something New
      5_Bop To The Top
      2_Get'cha Head In The Game
    Disneyland Section
    1. Spoiler
      Plaza Gardens Stage
    2. Spoiler
      Clara Cluck
    3. Spoiler
    4. Spoiler
    5. Spoiler
      Enchanted Tiki Room
    Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Hunt - In Park
    1. Spoiler
      Isla de tesoro
    2. Spoiler
      The Wicked Wench
    3. Spoiler
      Dress Maker Shop (He is touching manikins)
    4. Spoiler
      Bone, Rope, Mug

    Disneyland Resort Halloween Quest -Print at Home
    -To Be Announced Later
    50th Quest - Print at Home
    -Free quest
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