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    Re: Working on Something Big, Can you Help?

    Come to my room, now search my title.. I finally finished it and want to get it noticed! So come hang out and invite friends!

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    Re: Working on Something Big, Can you Help?

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkCHICLETT
    I am working on something big and I need a lot of crates. I will be willing to trade for them.
    Just name the amount you have for trade and I will offer. I am not saying what it is until I am done. It is just going to be big
    IF you can donate me any amount of tree trunks or crates that would be fantasic.

    Special Thanks To:

    Who gave free:
    *Midien (again to so much)

    Who traded me:
    what kind of crates? the blue ones? if so i have three or four of the blue ones and like twelve of the gray ones.
    vmk name: Heather_Princess

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