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    Re: Introduction

    Welcome to MiceChat Phonedave! This is a great place to discuss all things Disney. The people on this forum are great. This is the only place I chat and I have made some good friends, just through posting!

    Welcome to VMK also. I, too have two kids, two boys age 6 and 10. They are not on VMK as much as me though! My 10 year old likes to talk to people and thinks the "taken" is funny and doesn't take it seriously. My 6 year old can't read well yet and the words on the screen don't seem to bother him since he can't read what they are saying. I'm sure people on VMK may think he is rude, but it doesn't phase him. (His name is YodatheGreen and the my other son's name is GenKenobi.) He just likes to play the games and then spend the credits on his room. It's all harmless. I would encourage your daughter to play. She might like it. The Jungle cruise is fun for kids. They get to "take" pictures of animals. It is Jack's favorite game, along with Pirates.

    My character, Sable, doesn't seem to get asked "taken" very often. But when I am my husband's character, Aviatorman, I get asked all the time. It must be a girl thing to ask the boys. I just say I don't do taken. If they ask why, I just say I'm not into it. A few girls say my character is cute (he's blue) and I love responding "Thanks, I was drawn that way." Most don't get the Jessica Rabbit reference, but I think it's funny. I mean really, it is just a cartoon character afterall. (Unless you're part of the Blue Man group, not too many people running around the color blue these days.)

    Anyway, don't let the kids bother you on VMK. Keep an eye out for our next MiceChat on VMK. You can then meet us and make us your friend. But whatever you do, don't mention MiceChat on VMK. You will get banned. Trust me on this.

    Again, welcome Phonedave!
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    Re: Introduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Phonedave View Post

    As you can tell from the above I am older (at least old enough to have a 7 year old). My question is, how do the rest of you who are "aged" deal with it when people ask you to be taken, or about if you thing they are cute, etc.

    Welcome, Dave! I too have children. Girls, a 5 year old and a 2 year old and I truly enjoy playing VMK. I love anything Disney and am fortunate enough to live in FL and go to WDW about 4-6 times a year. The in-park quests are a lot of fun. My 5 year old is still too young to be able to play but she enjoys watching me play. Soo I figue I'll just keep playing, gaining objects and rooms and when she is ready she will have plety of rare items to play with. I'm glad to see that a good number of parents play this game. It makes me feel better knowing that while children are online playing they are being looked after by other parents who will report inappropriate behavior if the staff isn't big enough to catch all of it.

    As for the "taken" thing... I have noticed that "boys" in the game get asked a lot more than girls to do the taken thing and the girls seem to ignore your signature. I have don't do taken in my signature and have never been asked, but I'm a girl.

    I am relatively new here too but have found this to be a great forum with great moderators as is the general Mice Chat forum for great info on all things Disney. Enjoy and hope to see you around!
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    am I the burrito man?

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