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    Re: Do find that you can easily talk to friends on VMK?

    Quote Originally Posted by HarvestMoonRocks View Post
    You can't say socks anymore! Now what am I gonna call my herbie shoes...
    You can say the word "awe" but you can't say socks!

    I can talk easily but sometimes, i'll have to dance around the words...I hate that so much.

    What's the point of blocking numbers if we say them anyways?

    I was gonna message you about the socks thing, Moon - but I couldn't anyways - bc I can't type it!!!!
    You can say:
    kaa ( what the heck? )
    Yensid ( I can actually see what this is.. )
    Roo and Kanga ( but you can't say winnie the pooh.. )

    you can't say:

    did they look up some other language dictionary while creating this, or what??

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    Re: Do find that you can easily talk to friends on VMK?

    At times, it is very difficult to Dance around the dictionary. But after playing VMK since June 20th 2005, I'm a bit used to it now.

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