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    Slammed my fingers in the door -

    Okay like an idiot, I put my hand on the door jamb by the hinges and the door closed and smashed my forefinger and middle finger on my right hand. I'm currently typing with my left hand. So, my problem is that it hurts to use the mouse! VMK is calling too!!!!

    I have ice on them - so wish me luck, I gotta build up the credits before next week!

    Just need to whine to someone!

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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    Re: Slammed my fingers in the door -

    I'm so sorry BFJen. I have never done that to myself but have done that to my son. I think it hurts you more when you hurt someone else. But I'm sure you would argue with me on that.

    VMK will be there all week. Plenty of time to play fireworks and get more credits for the new stuff. Hope you feel better soon!

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    Re: Slammed my fingers in the door -

    Sorry to hear that Jen. I hope your fingers feel better soon. VMK will alwaus be there so dont worr.

    Contribute to my Johari or start your own!!

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    Re: Slammed my fingers in the door -

    Awww... poor girl!

    It's okay to whine. (I'm used to it with yoyo! ) Hope it's feeling better now.

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    Re: Slammed my fingers in the door -

    Ouch! I hope your ok.

    I slammed the car door SHUT on my grandpa's thumb and its still bent to this day 4 years ago.

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