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    Lightbulb design your own pin series

    not sure if this has ever been discussed before, but i think it would be pretty neat if vmk developed a room where one could design their own pin. think about it... it would be set up like the music mix game. you would step into the room and they would provide some basic graphic design elements where you could draw a new pin. when you are done, you can either purchase it (for lets say, 250 credits or something) and buy multiples of that exact pin for your friends or as prizes. think of the possibilities. it could be the new "rare" thing if some of those creative and graphic design wizards of vmk went to work on them and bought a few multiples of their creation. they could be made for special party events that they hold...a good example would be for the event bigpigletfan just had on halloween. wouldnt it have been neat to have a special one-of-a-kind event pin for that party for attending?

    of course, it goes without saying that there are some immediate flaws to launching something like this within vmk. one instant concern would be how would they be monitored to make sure nothing is indecent or inappropriate. maybe somebody with more of a graphic design background could chime in with ideas on how this could be avoided. maybe making the parameters of art you could use to be only shapes and not so much freeform. but then, that sort of takes away from the whole thing.

    anyway, just one of many thoughts that could make vmk a little more cooler.

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    Re: design your own pin series

    That sounds like a pretty cool idea lola! The only problem is everyone would be poor..... all the time!

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    Re: design your own pin series

    Cool idea!!!

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