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    Exclamation Haunted Mansion Game Question

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me how you get on the high scores list. Sometimes I see pretend a girl named Mashi.

    It says:
    1. Mashi 34
    What does the 34 mean?????

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    Re: Haunted Mansion Game Question

    It means that player, Mashi, or who ever is on the list played and won that many games of Haunted Mansion.

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    Re: Haunted Mansion Game Question

    The Haunted Mansion scores are not single game scores like the other games which makes it somewhat difficult to decipher. Instead for Mansion they use number of win. So for the Daily score, the numbers you see are how many games that player has won since VMK opened. For the weekly scores, its how many players have won during the scoring week, which I believe changes every Monday (I may be wrong on this, someone tell me if I am). and the All time scores are how many games you have won since the Haunted Mansion game has been available... which is why you shall see very high numbers that are nearly impossible to reach. There are no prizes given for daily high score, but there may be for the others. (I cannot confirm this personally, since I have yet to achieve a weekly or all time high score) but you usually get bonus credits after reaching certain milestones, such as 100 wins. I hope this will help.

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    Re: Haunted Mansion Game Question

    wow i don't play haunted mansion very much (nobody wants to play with me ) but that is interesting geek!
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