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Thread: Custom Scenery

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    Custom Scenery

    Although I have been playing RCT3 for a while, I am just starting to use custom scenery. The problem is the I have no idea how to do this. I can download the scenery but what do I do with it after to get it so that I can use it on the game. Any other information is appreciated as I am not very computer literate. Thanks.
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    Re: Custom Scenery

    There is a great deal of info available at the Atari RCT message boards. If you go to the custom scenery forum, there are a number of tutorials available. Hope this helps.
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    Re: Custom Scenery

    Scenary Files usually end in .OVL. The file you download will be a WinZip file which you should save to your desktop. WinZip comes with most computers so you should have it. Double click on the WinZip file you saved to your desktop, choose Action and click on Select All. The Extract to (assuming your program files are on Drive C):


    and the OVL files will be sent there. When you restart RCT3 click on the scenary icon then click on different sub icons and you will see the new item, usually in their own folders. There might be some in scattered around in different icons. Placing them is the same as the scenery items that come with the game. Some custom scenary items will only work if Soaked and/or Wild are installed as well. Some will work if only those patches, as given in one of the sticky posts at the top of this forum are installed. Hope this helps.
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