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Thread: release date?

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    release date?

    i was told recently that best buy was going to release the wii and plansation 3 on the same this true?

    can they even do that?

    as far as i've been told the wii will be released on the 19 i don't think that they can or should change the release the release date at the last minute

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    Re: release date?

    The PS3 is going to be released tomorrow (the 17th). The Wii will be released on Sunday (The 19th).

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    Re: release date?

    Unless you live in Europe or Australia, where the Wii is out on December 7 and the PS3 may eventually come out in March 2007...
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    Re: release date?

    Quote Originally Posted by Loomis View Post
    Unless you live in Europe or Australia, where the Wii is out on December 7 and the PS3 may eventually come out in March 2007...

    im sensing sarcasm....ps3 ftw thanksss
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