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    What things make RCT3 slower?

    I have quit playing RCT3 for a while because things were getting really slow. But I kinda want to play it again. My question is, what are some of the things in the game that make it run slow? I know such things as the fog, smoke, and fire effects really make things slow, but don't know what else.

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    Re: What things make RCT3 slower?

    The more scenery and rides you add will slow it down. The more animated things you add will slow it down. Keep your Park the default size, add things slowly so you can see if when you add something, it slows the game. Take it out and try something smaller. My Neverland V2 is small and compact but has a lot of trees and signs with my own pictures and a nice number of rides and animated goodies and it runs smooth. My Harry Potter park is huge has tons of rides and scenery plus the fog over Slytherin's area, a Death's Head on a pillar of fire and smoke above Hogwarts and it runs very slow and jerky. The movies come out fine, but the game itself is now to the point where it is a pain to add things while it's running. Even in pause mode it takes a while for any click on a menu icon to take effect. I have basically finished with it as it now has everything I want.
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