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    DLR & Mouse Ears

    Can I still get the VMK code for regular mouse ears if I go to the park and buy a hat?

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    Re: DLR & Mouse Ears

    Im pretty sure you cant, piglet would know though. She was there a few weeks ago!

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    Re: DLR & Mouse Ears

    The hat shops did not have any cards when I was there about a week ago. To my knowledge, the cards were only for gold ears. The regular ears are given to people who make a new born-in-park character.

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    Re: DLR & Mouse Ears

    Quote Originally Posted by danceguest View Post
    Im pretty sure you cant, piglet would know though. She was there a few weeks ago!

    The gold ears came from codes and I have been told that they are retired from DLR - although I haven't been there since May. The black ears come from characters that are born in the park.

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