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Thread: PS3 Questions

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    PS3 Questions

    Anyone have their PS3 crash at times when you're on your web browser? It happened to me a few times already. I heard a lot of these next-gen consoles, including the 360 when it first came out, had bugs like this on their launch, but the "console people" fixed these problems in about 6 months after the launch. I also noticed you can't listen to music while your playing games, like the 360 does, but I heard some more rumors that Sony will put this feature in when they re-release it again in this "6 month fixing period". Since I didn't buy warranty with my PS3, will I be able to exchange it still with this new fixed one or will I have to pay another $500? (I better not...)
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    Re: PS3 Questions

    I'm holding off myself for the bugs to be worked out. As it stands, my ol' PS2 (bought when they first came out, so it was 1st gen) plays DVDs, only when it feels like it, and then only certain ones. That's frustrating. Take that with the sticker shock of the PS3, and I'll hold off for awhile.

    I know that doesn't help, but no place is going to accept a 6 month old trade-in that has been played with for a free spankin' new one. Take it back now while the warranty still exists, almost any store has at least 10 day warranty even if you don't purchase one, usually a 30 day one. They will issue you a credit for the same thing, sit it out for 6 months until they work the bugs out, then buy another one with the credit you earned.
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    Re: PS3 Questions

    you will get updates soon there will always be bugs with any new game, system, hard drive...whatever it is theres gonna be a problem thats why theirs patches and updates
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    Re: PS3 Questions

    ^ What he said. You won't have to worry about being screwed because you're an early adopter...

    :knock on wood:

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