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  • We should have one big party and make it available most of the day!

    3 37.50%
  • Let's combine the rooms through teleporters, and make it available most of the day.

    4 50.00%
  • I think we should have _____ parties, and they should last _____ hours long. (Fill in the blanks.)

    1 12.50%
  • Other (Please elaborate in a post, if you check this option.)

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    Best Moments on MCV Parties

    Well, as I posted on the "Top 10 Best Moments on MCV" I would like Micechatters to hold several parties on New Year's Day, since most people our busy on New Year's Eve. We need to decide on how many parties there will be, the time each one will last, and how to make this run smoothly. Each owner of the room(s) a party takes place in is in charge of the party itself. However, we need some ground rules:

    -Everyone who attends the parties must be a Micechatter or a friend of a Micechatter. The parties will have one specific password to getting in; the password will be "I am cheesy, and have had the best cheesy moments."

    -"Taken", "bay be", or anything else of that nature will be not allowed at the parties, of course.

    -All guests at the parties must follow VMK Values, of course.

    -No direct mentioning of Micechat.

    If anyone has other edtions they would like me to add, please post them. Also, tell me if you dislike a rule and desire for it to be removed.

    In this thread, we will vote on how many parties to have and how long each should last. Other issues, will just be debated and not actually have a poll, unless it is a serious matter.

    If you would like to sign up here is the list:

    Top 10 Best Moments of MCV Party Sign-Up List

    -Lady_Ivory_Rocks (Lady_Ivory on VMK)
    -Ilovevmk! (PrincessRayRays on VMK)

    I actually decided to vote for the second option because it seems to be better. I want to see what all of you think, though
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    Re: Best Moments on MCV Parties

    we should probably have a sched. or something like

    Rays room 6-7
    Rocks room 7-8
    Ladys room 8 - 9

    and so on. Ill sign up, but i will probably have a new years eve party as well. Since VMK will be open til' 1! :C

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    Re: Best Moments on MCV Parties

    I voted for the second one also, we could set up a teleport room where everyone puts one of thier teleports in and then the other on in their party room I have all the rooms except the tiki room so if you want to use on of mine I can clean it out to use as a teleport room

    I also say maybe a few could be closed to just micers, and others open to all, just thinking if the host go a giving like they did on halloween it would be nice if we all or some of us had the chance for that, something to think about

    take that jediMihawk

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    Re: Best Moments on MCV Parties

    I was thinking each room could represent a time for the year in VMK. For example, I want my pirate port room to be used for the month of pirates. Halloween would be represented by the Haunted Mansion conservatory. There are many more, like space mountain, waterslide month, Tron, and so much more.

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