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    Talking Pin Trading Station

    Hi all- I am the owner of VMK's only online Pin Trading Station - stop on by!

    In the meantime - here is my wish list and trade list


    * DLR Grand Californian Pin

    WILL TRADE (for hotel or equally rare pin)
    * HKDL Hollywood Hotel Pin
    * Inner Space Molecules Pin
    * Inner Space Scanner Pin

    WILL TRADE (2 for hotel pin or equally rare pin)
    * Holiday 2006 Ornament Pin
    * Holiday 2006 Wreath Pin (host pin)
    * Thanksgiving 2006 Turkey Pin
    * Ice Cream Pin
    * Pretzel Pin
    * Turkey Leg Pin
    * Space Mountain Pin x2
    * Space Mountain Rocket Pin
    * Space Mountain Sign Pin (host pin) x2
    * Summit Plummet Pin
    * Tron MCP Pin x2


    1. I will check posts daily for responses
    2. Come to my Pin Trading Station on VMK - VMK name is also MovieAddict
    3. Email me directly to meet online
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