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    12/29/06- Updated Things & More

    Some updated things & more on the VMK newsletter page;
    Event Info;

    2006 has been a great year - so help us celebrate in VMK!

    December 31st
    Don't forget to join us for New Year's Eve and help us celebrate 2007, VMK style! The game will be staying open an additional 3 hours so we can ring in the New Year with our friends on the West Coast at Disneyland!
    Yep, you heard that correct VMK will operate from 7AM PST - 1AM PST on December 31st! We'll also have a new hat to commemorate the celebration, it will be on sale starting the evening of the 31st and be on sale all New Years day!
    Check the Community Calendar for more details and event times.
    Push's Trash Triva;

    12/25 What's the optical illusion called that causes the Haunted Mansion busts to watch you as you walk by them?

    Know the answer? Send your answer using Contact Us at the bottom of this or the main VMK webpage. Be sure to have your VMK registration info with you and select Push's Trash Trivia from the drop down menu.
    Out of all the correct answers, three players will be randomly drawn as the winners and sent a cool prize. But hurry! Only entries submitted by the close of game on Friday will be accepted.
    Here's the answer to Push's Trivia question for last week:
    Q: In "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" what is the first thing Huey, Dewey, and Louie do to end up on Santa's Naughty list?
    A: They throw a football through a window.

    Huey, Dewey & Louie in 1938 starring in Donald's Nephews.
    Did you know: You can usually tell Huey, Dewey and Louie from each other by the color of their hats or clothing. Huey wears red, Dewey wears blue (but he has worn orange) and Louie dresses in green.
    Disney archivist Dave Smith points out in his book Disney A to Z there's an easy way to remember the difference, "Note that the brightest hue of the three is red (Huey), the color of water, dew, is blue (Dewey), and that leaves Louie, and leaves are green."
    Huey, Dewey, and Louie made their first theatrical appearance in Donald's Nephews 1938. They were left on Donald Duck's doorstep by their mother, Dumbella Duck - Donald's sister.

    Congratulations to the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for last week's question!
    Your prize is on its way!

    Tips, Tricks, Hints, and How To's
    New to VMK? 12/28 Being the new kid on the block can be scary, but at VMK we want to make your experience as fun and friendly as possible. If you're having trouble finding your way around the Kingdom, check out the sections at the bottom of this or any of the VMK webpages. The What is VMK? Why Play VMK? Is it Safe? and Need Help? sections are there to help you, answer your questions and learn more about the VMK community.
    If you're a player that's been around for a while, we encourage you to help out new players - remember, you were also once new to the neighborhood.

    Make your Magic more powerful!
    It's easy to increase your Magic Star Power. If you have two of the same Magic Pin, in the Pin Inventory window select one of the Magic Pins, then select 'Combine' and select another Magic Pin. Now the Pins are joined and now you have one Magic Pin with 2 or more Stars. You may notice that if you do have multiple Star Magic Pins the Magic Spell may last longer or the time it takes to recharge the Magic will be shorter.
    Can't remember your password?
    Go to the Login Screen and click on "Forgot your Password?" Enter your username, last name, and birthday (this is to verify it's really you!) and your Password will be emailed to you shortly. Hey, that was pretty easy! ;-)
    Safety Corner;

    <H2 class=scam>Room names that could
    get you banned

    </H2>12/28 Naming your room something inappropriate to get Staff to enter your room is a no-no! Remember, VMK Staff are here to help players that need help. Room names (like anything in VMK) are subject to the same guidelines and values that VMK sets for the community. Please consider this when creating your room names!
    On the Homepage;
    Under the "Game News" part to link to the Newsletter Page, it states;
    Join us on New Years Eve as VMK brings in 2007!
    This weekend is your last chance to get the holiday items before they dissapear!
    That's all I could get for now!

    the oc freak. <3*

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    Re: 12/29/06- Updated Things & More

    Thank you fallout

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    Re: 12/29/06- Updated Things & More

    No problemo
    the oc freak. <3*

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    Re: 12/29/06- Updated Things & More

    Thanks for the newsletter i was too lazy to read it myself so here it is on M/C

    yuh have to `lose someone
    completely b.e.f.o.r.e you can
    figure out what they `really
    `----->>|[mean to you]|e e e
    = n =

    Hakuna Matata

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    Re: 12/29/06- Updated Things & More

    thanks Fall woot it's easier to read on here anyways i would do things like this but i have to work -_-

    Bionic Village Babe of the RCMC
    "Wisdom is knowing what you don't know" - Socrates

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