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    New Video for RCT3 - By JMAinAZ

    I have been busy over the past few months creating another video for Rollercoaster Tycoon 3! I am still working on Animal Kingdom so this is not that video. Instead, I am offering something new that I haven't told anyone about. It's something I've been working on and off with since Summer began.
    In fact, the video is actually done! I will release it within the next week. Meanwhile, check out the preview on my website!
    I present to you...

    Creator of
    Fantasmic! - The Ride
    The American Adventure

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    Re: New Video for RCT3 - By JMAinAZ

    Looks interesting, can't wait!

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    Re: New Video for RCT3 - By JMAinAZ

    Oh, hello Jmainaz, saw this on atari forums as well, still great obviously.

    I'm hethetheth on atari forums, and I thoguth I'd tell you that replies are very low on the MC RCT3 forum. Don't be suprised when little happens.

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    Re: New Video for RCT3 - By JMAinAZ

    There are still a few of die hard fans that come here everyday to show off stuff and talk about RCT3.

    Glad to see you back again. I sent you a PM about the Harry Potter Park I sent you some time ago. You haven't been easy to get in touch with lately so I thought you were missing in action.
    Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

    Thank You Poisonedapples

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