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1/8/07 My family and I love to eat at the River Bell Terrace in Disneyland, it's our favorite restaurant. I was wondering, has it always been there and was it always called the River Belle Terrace?
- CoolMechanic

Dear CoolMechanic,
You know the way to Yeti's heart is through his stomach! Actually the River Belle Terrace used to be called Aunt Jemima's Pancake House, and it was the first New Orleans-styled structure at Disneyland and it was there long before there was a New Orleans Square. On a side note, New Orleans Square was actually the last Land Walt Disney oversaw and it opened to the public on July 24, 1966.
Back when the River Belle Terrace was the Aunt Jemima Pancake house, an Aunt Jemima character used to greet Guests outside and sign menus. You can still see the original 1955 facade on the front of the building, just look up at the entrance and you see moldings and design touches that reflect the 'nawlins' style. And you're not alone to enjoy the River Belle Terrace as it was also Walt's favorite restaurant.
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</H2>1/08/07 VMK welcomes New Orleans Square! We have added this awesome new land, and a lot of other great new features. Did you know the Castle Fireworks game changed? It's now called Castle Fireworks remixed, and it has some fun new additions. Another feature we added is the VMK Pass - this is a ticketing system that allows you to get a ticket and do something else in VMK instead of sitting in front of a black screen waiting for a Guest room! Also, don't forget to get something to eat at Blue Bayou and visit the Gator Waiter.
All these new features bring back so many memories of when I was in New Orleans Square my favorite part was hanging out in Club 33. That reminds me, Club 33 is in VMK's New Orleans Square, but only public for a short while so visit while you can! Haunted Mansion has moved to New Orleans Square which brings me to our new trivia question.
Question: If you're passing through New Orleans Square at Disneyland on your way to visit the Haunted Mansion, you might just be stopped by a couple of bands of pirates! Name the two pirate bands currently residing right across from the Rivers of America.

Know the answer? Send your answer using Contact Us at the bottom of this or the main VMK webpage. Be sure to have your VMK registration info with you and select Push's Trash Trivia from the drop down menu.
Out of all the correct answers, three players will be randomly drawn as the winners and sent a cool prize. But hurry! Only entries submitted by the close of game on Friday will be accepted.
Here's the answer to last weeks Trash Trivia question:
Q: Which of the following Disney theme parks does not have a Tomorrowland: Disneyland, California; Walt Disney World; Disneyland, Paris; Hong Kong Disneyland; or Tokyo Disneyland?
A: Disneyland, Paris.
Did you know: Disneyland, Paris does not have a Tomorrowland. Instead, the land that houses Space Mountain and other famous Tomorrowland attractions is called Discoveryland.
Congratulations to the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for last week's question! Emmyjo
Your prize is on its way!
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</H2>1/8/07 Never give your VMK user name and password to any other website. Some surveys have been going around on the internet claiming they have free offers if you give your VMK information. Don't do it this is a SCAM!
Never give your information to these surveys, and also keep your password protected from other people as well. Keep your VMK, and all the great items you've earned, safe!
Safety Corner
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</H2>1/8/07 Sometimes there are people in VMK that might not be following the VMK values. If this person is just annoying ignore them by using the IGNORE button. Try not to abuse the Call For Help button if it's unnecessary.
However, if someone is saying things that are scary or inappropriate report them. We want VMK to be a safe and fun place for everyone to play!