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    I just know I looooove my psp, its like 20 different things in one. Not just a game console. I watched a movie on it last night and it's like a plasma tv in my hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulquarian
    LOL, Nintendo does well in Japan, not the states. Most Gaming magazines rate the DS as below the PSP. Don't believe read your current issue of Gamepro. Need more proof? Watch Techtv. More than that you say? Read EGM. They all say that the DS isn't as great as everyone sounds. While it may have the potential to have great games, it doesn't, and for all the features that the handheld has, very few games use them...

    Wireless controllers? Everyone's doing that. Internet? Wasn't it Nintendo that said gamers don't want to play games online? Nintendo is just a kid friendyl company, that milks its franchises to the bone, and calls "gimmicks" originality.

    You can give the numbers all you want for Japan's market, but we live in America, and the market here is different than theirs. The DS is a much better gaming machine?

    You talk about how much the DS is better at playing FPS than the PSP, but you haven't even played any yourself, and the new SOCOM for PSP was one of the best handheld games at the trade show!

    The only advantage that the DS has is price, clam-shell design, and battery life. But you hold on to that Nintendo fanboy-ism... it's admirable.

    So let's see, what major videogame editorial websites say the PSP is better than the DS:


    Just google Nintendo DS vs. Sony PSP and you'll see a clear winner...
    don't have cable don't read magazines I ussualy go by gaming websites

    I've read IGN's reviews and for the most part they've stalemated only the future will determine who will be seen as victor

    the DS did have a weak launch lineup the PSP did also but the PSP's was generaly stronger then the DS's however now that we're post E3 this year thd DS is showing a huge turnaround title wise with many more games coming out for it, yes many titles are still GBA++ titles but we're slowly but surly seeing more origional titles and more inventive ways of getting different franchises to work on the machine

    so far more new games are being announced for the DS then their are for the PSP (which is mostly concentrating on adding movies)

    Wireless controlers was a technology Nintendo perfected this generation and now it's a standard this next generation so yes everyone is doing them just like everyone has analog controls (another thing Nintendo started first)

    yes the American market is different from the Japanese market but with Japan getting most of the games first and most games coming from Japan you can see how that might effect what games we get here (systems more popular in japan will get more games in both our country and theirs and the system with the most games is the most likly one to win in the end)

    I'm not a FPS fan but I have played them on my computer on friends computers on the Xbox on the PS2 and on the N64, I've demoed the Metroid for DS and have read several reviews on different things, I've played and handled a PSP from a friend of mine. Most reviews have said that the NDS has excellent FPS potential and there are three games on the way that will be making use of that I believe (Splinter Cell, Golden Eye Rouge Agent and Metriod Hunters) as this developes I'd expect more to arrive for the system.

    the DS has many other advantages besides it's price, battery and durability like I've said the lack of load times makes it great for portability this all comes together to make it excellent for portable gaming

    on the subject of my so called fanboyisum I'd like to point out that first off when i was a kid I origionaly wanted a Genisis because I thought sonic was awsome but instead got a Super Nintendo I bought Mario of course but soon discovered many other franchises from other companies that I was interested in. When the time came for the next generation it took me a long time to earn the money to get a system to move up too and so by the time I got it the N64 had already been out for a year, my choice was the Playstation for the fact that most of my favorate franchises were on it, I actualy didn't care too much for Mario 64 then. I was a huge Sony advocate early into this generation but once again I was hampered by money pains with the systems being launched more expensive then ever and it once again took me up until after the GC had been released for a whole year to buy a new system, again I listed out the games I wanted and decided on a GC because it seemed that more franchises I wanted would be on it (overall I've been the least happy with this generation though as I don't want to own multiple systems because it's expensive and rediculous but the franchises are getting to divided up among the systems, the GC is great except for the lack of online but the Xbox only has Halo and I'm not a FPS freak)

    the reason I've chosen the DS to side with is mearly because it has now shown me several titles that I am VERY interested in buying and it's showing me a bright future for it's games. The PSP does have the hardware wow factor but it's only given me a few maybes and a couple of shrugs game wise. I love the way the screen looks but if the games don't interest me why should I buy it (and 200 is a bit much to ask of me for a handheld which is kinda fragile, hard as I try taking things on long plane rides and camping trips tends to still create several dents in the system I need something sturdy and long lasting)

    your judging things on hardware strength alone but history has said many times and in many ways that things end up differently

    if this were the case then why did the Game Gear (another sytem that really impressed me as a kid) fail when pitted against the Gameboy?

    why did the Playstation win out over the N64 (which had MUCH better graphics)

    it's because the system that's got the most games will ultimatly garner the most attention, developers sides with the Playstation because it was cheeper and quicker to make games for the playstation then the N64 and the Playstation was cheeper then the N64 to consumers and the Playstation had the higher amount of users.

    as of now the DS is cheeper to develope for, has more users, has a lower cost, and has more games on the way, the DS may infact start building steam in the US market soon just as it has done in the Japan market as of late and if this happens Sony will be in trouble

    Sony is not advocating for games to be put on the PSP enough they had trouble getting development kits out and they aren't manufacturing in high enough numbers

    it makes more since for developers (who are already not very interested in expanding development teams to the sizes that are needed for a PSP game) to support the DS over the PSP

    so for now we're seeing many GBA ports on the DS getting a ++ treatment along with FPS games going on the system added to several origional franchises coming from Nintendo (and Viewtiful Joe from Capcom) plus a very strong online support deal coming and you can see how the DS might just end up being better

    Nintendo has always done good with community aspects as of late (the N64 was always the party system of the last generation, I didn't get one until the very end of it's lifespan and only then it was because my uncle was wanting to show off how much $$$ he had by buying everyone one for Christmas, I'd say the N64 was the system I'd play most often with a group of friends at a friends house) Nintendo pushing online like this can only mean stronger sales just liek what Pokemon did on the GB it will make it so that when one person buys the system and starts playing they'll start asking their friend to so they can play together which is an excellent marketing stratagy, with many different franchises coming out with online support and Nintendo putting forth a free first party support system how can the PSP compete (it has online but much like the PS2 it's rather week support and is also awfully low key and inconsistant)

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