Hey, as many of you know ive been looking for room codes, and so far nobody has answered me yet heres my famous list!

I'm Totally Interested in:
x2 HSM room
x1 Pirates
x2 Exploror Jungle room

For Trade:
Ice Chair
Flying Carpet-purple
Madame Leta Table Blue
Madame Leta Chair Blue
Pirate Throne Blue
x2Santa's Chair
Chernabog Carpet
x2 halloween bat bag
x3 halloween pumpkin bag
Heartless Chair Red
Purple Turtinale
Green Penny Presser
Pink Holiday Wreath
x10 Space Mountain Downhill
x10 Space Mountain Uphill
x3 Thyphoon laggon crate
Halloween Candy Despinser
Channah Presents
Candy Cane Yellow
Skeleton Chair
Toy read sholider
Heart Chair Red
Heart Chair pink
pirate throne purple

Let me remind you, that's all my furniture...lol pretty much.
But i am also trading all the food pins set, fireworks magic, any of the halloween stuff ( have it all ), and im not trading all hats because i have a collecction! Ty!