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    Music in Space Mountain RCT3 vid?

    Hey, all. So I'm remembering a video that was made a few years ago in RCT3. It was a very good Space Mountain ride-through, despite the fact that it didn't follow the actual track design perfectly. It used custom-made fireworks for special effects, and the ride was accompanied by the old Dick Dale music. However, there was a 30-second intro that had another piece of music playing. I contacted that video's creator via the RCTPyro forums and he told me what piece it was, explaining that it was a piece of music that plays somewhere at Epcot.

    The piece itself was rather quiet and peacefully reflective, featuring French horn and a number of other orchestral instruments playing in a major key--I want to say D major, but I don't remember. It was in 4/4 or 12/8. I also remember it started and ended with the same "v vi...v iv#" motif in the melody (flutes, I believe), followed by triplet figure ("i v i i") in the horns.

    So, now I'd like to find out the title of that piece. But RCTPyro seems to have disappeared sometime in the last couple years, which means I can't view that old PM, and I can't find the video itself or its maker. If anyone thinks they might know who made that video, how I can contact him, and/or what piece of music that is, I would be hugely appreciative. If no one can help me here, I may re-submit my question in MiceChat's Disney World forum.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Music in Space Mountain RCT3 vid?

    I only know that at Disneyland, the intro music when the main soundtrack was Dick Dale's music, was a classical piece of music. It was electonically done instead of with a full orchestra. This was the music that played while you went through the launch tunnels and such. It is from Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals and is called "Aquarium". This same music is played at several Disney Theme Park venues in one form or another.
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    Re: Music in Space Mountain RCT3 vid?

    Thanks for the reply, Lost Boy, but unfortunately, that's not the piece I'm looking for. The one I'm looking for isn't based on any part of "Carnival of the Animals"; it was an original composition for a ride or area of Epcot. (I believe the video I'm remembering did use the "Carnival of the Animals" synth intro after the piece I'm looking for but before the Dick Dale material--which, by the way, was also based on "Aquarium.")

    I'd still love to hear from anyone who can help me solve this mystery...I've gone searching for myself, but I haven't found an answer anywhere, and popping over to Epcot is unfortunately not an option at this point anyway. Any help would be great!

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