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As an ex WoW player I think I will have to pass this one up just because it sounds so much alike to WoW and its hard to break the addiction I think I will wait for POTC online to come out
WoW is a game where it is easy as all heck to level up to maximum (getting you addicted) and then to advance past gear-wise requires full guild-level force (and meeting large amounts of people at particular times). You have to play even when you don't want to play.

I have yet to run into any of those things in LOTRO. It is a lot of fun and I do feel like I can play it in short spurts and NOT have to play every day for fear of getting behind where I want to be.

So far, I am level 26, there are lots of places I haven't explored (and I mean LOTS), so there's enough to keep me interested for a good long while, completely RL stress free.