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    Smile Trading Tron top for a 3500 shopping spree!!!

    I'll trade a tronntop for a 3500 shopping spree, also here are a few other things i'll trade for a certain amount of shopping spree that you choose!:

    yellow princess skirt
    blue princess skirt
    club33 pin
    Cowboy shirt with vest red
    herbie pants
    Pirate hat(one that girls and boys can wear)
    Superhero Mask
    Rocketship Couch Color Magenta

    Plz rate my offer, and feel free to post how much of a shopping spree you'll give for any of the items listed above!
    I could be brown
    I could be blue
    I could be violet sky
    I could be hurtful
    I could be purple
    I could be anything you like
    Gotta be green
    Gotta be mean
    Gotta be everything more!
    Why don't you like me?
    Why don't you like me?
    Why don't you walk out the door!

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    Re: Trading Tron top for a 3500 shopping spree!!!

    what do you want me to get you worth 3500 or do you just want the credits??
    Who's tha muffin queen!? I'm tha muffin queen!! Now go get me a muffin =)

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