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    ((Please Help))The Quality of Window's Movie Maker???

    Yes, I have since gone back to RCT3. I just like seeing my stuff from the Peeps perspective.

    Anyway, I have been disappointed with the video's I have been making on Window's Movie Maker. The video's have better image quality before I import them into Movie Maker than they do after I save the video to my computer with MM.

    I have tried to adjust the quality settings for the video's after I hit the "Save to Computer" button, but nothing seems to improve the image quality of the video's. The video's have a tendency to jump on occassion and can get a little blurry/staticy looking sometimes when the camera moves.

    I just don't understand why the video's look a bit worse after putting them through WMM than before.

    Does anyone know what I should try to do in order to improve the visual quality of the films I make with Movie Maker? I tried everything to improve the quality but have since went back to making the video's under the "Recommended" settings.

    I just want my images to appear in the video as clear, and good, as they did when the video was being recorded on RCT3. Or should I just lower my expectations when it comes to WMM?.

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    Re: ((Please Help))The Quality of Window's Movie Maker???

    I've never used WMM, but I'd try using a different codec. Look for a lossless codec. I used to rip DVDs to my computer so I know a little bit about digital video formats.

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    Re: ((Please Help))The Quality of Window's Movie Maker???

    wmm worked ok for me to record small vodeos for use on the web on a site that supports the format. Any video I upload into you tube or other like sites look like crap. My feeling is it runs in flash ans compresses to much.

    If I'm making a DVD I use adobe premiere.

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