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Thread: My test

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    My test

    Hi people.

    I ran a test on the VMK the other day and thought i'd share my findings.
    A few months ago i got the sparrow outfit and since that time, i get tons of friend requests and lots of people want to come talk to me for no reason. Even when i go out to smoke( yes, i have kids so i smoke outside) and come back i have to go through and delete new friend requests.

    So the other day, i took off my sparrow, put on the basic pins,and went walking about VMK. No friend requests and no one wanted to talk. Funny i thought. Heck i even put on trade requests and got none.

    After a couple of hours, put the sparrow back on, put on all my magic pins and then did another walkabout. Tons of friend requests again, had to shut off trade requests, and yes still got people talking to me a bunch again, most saying like, "wow, nice sparrow".

    Are we all so materialistic that we ignore normal people and are drawn to those that have "awesome" stuff?

    Before i got sparrow, i would walk around, talking to and helping anyone i could just for the heck of it.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: My test

    Lol, interesting.

    I think that alot of people think one of two things [or both]:

    1) If they become really good friends with someone who has sparrow, they might get some free rare, or even the sparrow.

    2) They dont want to be friends with a newbie

    But, yea, i noticed that too. When i had my princess minne and i wore it - i had lots of trades and a few new friend requests, but when i didnt wear a hat - i got absolutely nothing.


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    Re: My test

    I have the same when wearing a costume or hat that is a bit more rare than you usually see around. Or when i'm wearing pins that are a bit more rare.
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    Re: My test

    I get a lot of requests when I am wearing my inferno pin. Before I won the inferno from the 50 inferno pins giveaway, I didn't get so many either.
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    Re: My test

    Yeah, i have the same findings, that when i wear some of my more rare clothing, i have people coming up to me more often, and random friend requests.
    Also, are they still giving out the sparrow codes?
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