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My family had just woken up and was having breakfast.

My honey had signed up the week before in the National Guard, he was deployed to NYC almost immediately. Those men they showed in uniform on the subways, that was my boyfriend. He said he had never seen such patriotism like he experienced while he was there.

Me either. This whole area was just a sea of red, white, and blue, people in the streets, candleligh vigils, etc. As horrible as the attack was, I have never seen such patriotisim and felt such pride and community as in the days after 9/11

If you stood in the right spot, and the air was clear, and the leaves were off the trees you used to be able to see the WTC from my house at the time.

I was at work, and my then wife was at home with our 10 month old girl. I called to wake her up and let her know what was happening. If necessary she was to grab a kit and head to my relitives in New Hampshire.

I work for the local phone company, and at the time I was in the local NJ construction department. We set up a "war room" and spent the rest of the day organizing repair forces, mobilizing equipment, and getting emergency cell sites set up on the Jersey side of the river. It helped keep my mind off of it.