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    Exclamation Disney Trivia Questions

    Hey everyone - I just got this idea to make a Disney trivia room on VMK! Huzzah I have one downfall though: I need trivia questions! I have a few but I need some more so I ask that you put some trivia questions I can use on here please The room should be complete soon but I need more trivia questions, this room is going to have prizes involved so not super easy questions please

    A good example:
    Q) What was the first cartoon Donald Duck Stared In?

    P.S. Check out CL_LittleDragonErin's room - she does some great trivia!!!
    Thanks for your help.

    - Pretzel!
    Last edited by MsSarah; 09-11-2007 at 05:40 PM. Reason: Cyre pointed out the good reason that it was a cartoon not a movie Donald stared in :)
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    Re: Disney Trivia Questions

    hehe great idea pretzel!

    change "movie" to "cartoon" and you'll be set!

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    Re: Disney Trivia Questions

    very great idea! lol.
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