Here is a listing of every card in the VMK Trading Card Game. As of right now it is a rumor whether or not any of these items will be released ingame.

Here are photos of the cards for the game:

Forgotten Attractions

Figment Hat and Shirt

Forgotten Attractions Pins

Mr. Toad's Ride Car Spell

Nautilus Poster

Skyway Couch

Mission Space

Mars Carpet

Planet Poster

Retro Space Outfit

Ride Chair

Mars Rover Chair

X2 Spaceship

Monster's Inc

Mike's Car Spell

Laugh Floor Chair

Mike's Hat and Shirt

Laugh Floor Room

Table and Lamp

Laugh Floor Sign


Clam Chair

Nemo Hat and Shirt

Kelp Poster

Reef Chair and Helmet

Blue Pebble Carpet

Turn Into a Shark


Tree and Hammock

Stitch Hat (Red)

Record Player Chair

Wanted Poster

Surfboard Table

Space Vehicle

Test Track

Barriers and Barrels

Road Carpet

Test Track Hat

Start and Finish Line

Test Vehicle

Wall of Signs

Tower of Terror

Bellhop Outfit

Luggage Cart

Lightning Spell

Attraction Poster

Elevator Teleporter

Starry Carpet

Yavn Pin