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    What it Really takes to play the original Centipede

    We own an original 1981 Atari Centipede. We got it from hubby's best friends Mom, who used to work for SixFlagsMagicMountain as a bookkeeper or something. Annually, SFMM does (or at least in the 1990ís did) a lottery pull for employees to be eligible to buy arcade games from the midway that are old or being replaced. Well sometime back in 1997 or 1998, she won the lottery for this game, which we eventually acquired from her.

    Proof itís from SFMM, there are at least 20 or so of these tokens still in the money box and strewn about the inside cabinet.

    I have never been good at this game (I was always more of a crystal castles girl myself), but an average I can get around 18,000 when the board is set to hard mode (extra bonus at 20k points).

    Recently my 2 year old son started playing the game. He doesnít move the track ball, just shoots, and I have learned a lot about strategy for this game watching him. I have seen him get upwards of 15k points (with never moving the track ball). Its quite fun to watch, and yet makes me feel a bit like an arcade loser!

    Here are some pics of him playing.

    5,000 points and still have all 3 lives

    Seriously, who knew it could be that easy when you just donít over think it!

    A little piece of heaven

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    Re: What it Really takes to play the original Centipede

    Haha, thats hilarious. I suck at that game.

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