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    Christmas Wishes

    I will have my Christmas Wishes/Holiday Wishes room open throughout out the month.

    The room's title changes based on my mood. I like Holiday Wishes the best because it is the show that is shown on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party nights at the MK. However, the addition of the word Christmas has made the room much more popular.

    Anyway, here it is:

    The room should be open for much of today. I shall update each time the room is open as well.

    As many of you know, I do have a tendency to drift away from the VMK window and am often not paying attention. So, please excuse me if I do not respond.

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    Re: Christmas Wishes

    Wow that looks like a really cool room! I might just stop by today.

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    Re: Christmas Wishes

    Looks really cool :-D
    This month is Royal ...

    In which VMK public room is this picture taken ?

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    Re: Christmas Wishes

    Wow the room looks great!! Can't wait to stop in sometime.
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    Re: Christmas Wishes

    Awesome room! I'll try to stop by. Good luck with it!

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    Re: Christmas Wishes

    Awesome Room I'll Stop By Later Today After I Get My Credits That I Really Need

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