I am looking For Minnie Atm, so I will post my offer below, which mainly consists of magic.

x1 5* Turn Into Pirate Magic
x4 1* Bat Magic
x1 2* Bat Magic
x1 1* Snowman Magic
x1 2* Snowman Magic
x1 Dream Captain Hook Chair

There's My Offer, but I have other items as well that I might be willing to replace with.
Here is the rest of my items::

5* Fireworks
1* Inferno
Black Ears
Bird Hat
Full Blue Princess
Mickey TV
Cyan Heart Chair
Red Heart Chair
Pink Heart Chair
White Ghost
Some Royal Items From Ride-A-Thon
Red Toy Soldier
Pirate Well

I also have around 50 Sparrow Codes

Thank You For Looking.!