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    Revelation: Apocalypse - RCT3 epic

    WARNING - contains blood special effects and a theme which may disturb younger viewers. Those who are registered with this site, and are thus over 13 will be fine.

    Revelation Apocalypse

    From the maker of Phantom Manor, Rage of Anubis, Space Mountain From the Earth to the Moon, Dead Star Mountain I and II and Western River Expedition....

    This is Revelation: Apocalypse, a video depicting the end of the world, with my own creative license. It borrows from many films such as War of the Worlds, Armageddon, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, Indiana Jones trilogy and Independence Day. It also features a soundtrack by my favourite band, Muse. It was made using rollercoaster tycoon 3.

    The video is divided into two parts: 2044 and Midnight.


    The scene is set, as the demons of Chaos and Sickness reap downtown London.
    Music: Take a Bow by Muse (Black holes and Revelations)


    The end draws nearer as the demons of War and Disaster attack, concluding with a furious ride through the wrecked city.
    Music: Fury by Muse (Absolution Japanese edition)
    Hyperchondriac Music [clip only] (Hullabaloo)

    Well, this project took over 7 months to finish, and I hope you enjoy it.

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    Re: Revelation: Apocalypse - RCT3 epic

    First half: boring and tedious.

    Second half/part with actual coaster: One of the most amazing, perfectly timed things I've ever seen in RCT3. Awesome.

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    Re: Revelation: Apocalypse - RCT3 epic

    THAT WAS the BEST DARN RCT3 Video i have EVER SAW! i Wish i knoew how you did that. if you can't do that thats fine, but that car ride looks AWESOME!
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    Re: Revelation: Apocalypse - RCT3 epic

    Bloody Brilliant as a certain Mr. Weasley would say. Great job. Where is the Ministry of Magic when you really need them. Awesome!
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