Here, I shall chronicle recent updates on Brawl, rumours, and this can be a discussion thread. Ownage. I shall add comments, and also allow discussions here. I simply post the most recent update, so people don't have to go all the way to the other site.

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Recentest Update: Dragoon

Comments: That sucks. Horribly.

The Dragoon: From Kirby Air Ride, you have to collect all three of its pieces to form it, after you move a targeting reticule and ram into an opponent with it. Ouch.

Comments: I loved Air Ride, I loved this star, I love how the team of SSBB goes out to stuff that is very unknown, and uses it. (a good example here)
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Second: 12-28-07
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Comments: You can send images and levels to other peoples. Also, you get automatic updates from Nintendo about random levels, or something. This ahs already been touched upon, very happy that they updated with something else too.