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    Selling My Junk <3

    Most of this are things that I dont use often. Note: I may decide to take an item off this thread if I decide I still want it. I am ONLY looking for credits.! Finally clearing out my inventory so, this is what I have for trade:

    1x green bamboo tiki wall-
    2x blue bamboo tiki wall-
    2x red heart chairs-
    2x pink heart chairs-
    7x Baseball benches- Leader: Purple Chicken
    1x Skeleton chair-
    2x Nemo Submarine Backs-
    1x Nemo Submarine Front-
    2x Tron chairs-
    1x Tron Arcade Cabinet-
    5x Ice Chairs-
    1x Madame Leotas Crystal Ball-
    2x White Mickey Ghosts-
    1x Football First Down Marker-
    5x Royal Throne Chairs-
    12x Blue Pirate Thrones-
    7x Black Pirate Thrones-
    5x Green Pirate Thrones-
    4x Purple Pirate Thrones-
    4x Red Pirate Thrones-
    3x Ace Spades Carpet Rug-
    2x Head Hunters Island Torch-
    1x Gold Scoreboard-
    1x Animators Stool -
    1x Flying Carpet Chair Color Blue-
    1x Sea Green Cactus Chair-
    1x Tron Tank Red-
    2x Well Chairs-
    1x Football Randomizer-


    1x Flag hat-
    1x Golden Mickey Ears-
    1x Jafar Hat-
    1x Pirate Hat-
    1x Princess Tiara (silver)-


    1x Green Space Vest-
    1x Full Brown Mansion Suit-
    1x Native American Shoes-


    1x 5* Fireworks Magic-
    1x 1* Bling Magic- leader: Purple Chicken

    Yep. This is it for now. Remember, I dont make offers, you do Have Fun!

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    • Haha. Mud is great :] <3
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    Re: Selling My Junk <3

    quote purple chicken: I'll Take These Off Your Hands Tomorrow, And The Others Some Other Day

    7x Baseball Benches: 6.5k
    1x 1* Bling Magic: 2.5k
    vmk name: Heather_Princess

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    Re: Selling My Junk <3

    6K for gold mickey ears.?

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