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Thread: Quest points?

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    Exclamation Quest points?

    I recnetly got a kiosk and have been using it alot and mostly get four and ive stars and this week i won best quest. but no matter how many times i do it i still have not got a single quest point! has anyone else ha this problem???!! i have done many quests and won best quest and still no quest points!! someone plz tell me if they know whats wrong

    Plz help me!!!
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    Re: Quest points?

    Well This Is A Tuff Thing. Its Prob. A Bug In Your Kiosk, OR You Just Can't C The Points.. Ill Try to take a look at the kiosk soon

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    Re: Quest points?

    I think it matters on how the players who play the quest rate it.

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    Re: Quest points?

    i have had the smae problem, and i sent a message to vmk... hopefully they will get back to me
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