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Thread: Penny Arcade

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    Penny Arcade

    OK so the new Magic Shop is really popular and checkers is a great new game on vmk. But the day the Magic Shop opened the Penny Arcade also opened. I haven't really seen any threads about it since the new rooms opened on Main Street. I think there is a lot of potential with the Penny Arcade. Currently all the games are the same and the prizes for the games are . They should add some new games with some cool new prizes, maybe make the games specific to each land. Piratey or swashbuckley games for Adventureland. Space Invadersey or Asteroidsey type games for Tomorrowland, that sort of thing. With prizes to match. High score for Asteroids earns you a Buzz Lightyear helmet or something...

    Anyway so I ask all you micechatters, any ideas for the games or opinions on the new Penny Arcade?

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    Re: Penny Arcade

    Make a Stitch game for tomorrowland, and you win the stitch space outfit! Woot!
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    Re: Penny Arcade

    I think it's pretty likely that the current situation in the Penny Arcade will not be permanent. It's clear that there are actual themed machines and show images of differently themed games. Considering Yavn hasn't quite mentioned it and even the links on the old quest machines in VMK Central all go to the same place, I think something new will come of this soon.

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