Hey all,

So I been off-and-on again playing this free Lego Indiana Jones game online... now it's not the full game, nor does it seem to be a part of the game but an online specific version of the Lego Indiana Jones game.

Currently there are only two levels available for playing, but a third one reads "Coming Soon" when you hover over it. The game play is pretty simple, Indy runs automatically and you click on obstacles for him to whip/jump/dodge past with your mouse. You also use your mouse to collect coins, holy grails and crowns.

It's pretty fun and, although this isn't what I'm expecting the actual game play for the console game to be like, it nice to whet one's whistle on a new Lego game.

The URL for this game is http://indianajones.lego.com/en-US/Games/Default.aspx.

I can't wait for the actual game to come though!!