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    current have/want list

    Pirate Q Small Sand rug
    Gold Hat Chair x6
    Red Saddle Seat Sofa
    High School Musical Piano
    PPR Small Island x8 (ride-a-thon prize)
    Yellow Gum Drop x3
    Red Surprise gift (unused) x4
    Gingerbread Block x2
    Gingerbread Corner x1
    Gingerbread Roof 1x1 Block x2
    Gingerbread Wall With Lights x2
    Gingerbread Wall With Window x2
    Skeleton Chair x2
    Gray Crate x9
    Halloween Bat Bag x2
    Well chair x2
    Tiki fountain x3
    Tiki Idol, Color Yellow
    Skeleton at the helm
    Orange Crate x10
    White Ghost x6
    Green Pirate Throne x17
    Blue Pirate Throne x9
    Black Pirate Throne x18
    Purple Pirate Throne x17
    Plain Pirate Wall x16
    Cannon Pirate Wall x15
    Turret Pirate Wall x37
    Galleon Mast x2
    Galleon Port Bow x1
    Galleon Stern x3
    Tiki Opens Pin
    Race '07 Pin
    Fab Five Fall Minnie Pin x5
    Matterhorn pin x1 (From sword in stone)
    Club 33 Host pin
    Jack's Compass Host Pin
    Matterhorn Bobsled Host Pin x4
    Typhoon Lagoon Host Pin x2
    Giraffe Host Pin x3
    Space Monutain Pin
    Space Mt. Asteroids Pin
    Space Mt. Rocket Pin
    Space Mt. sign Pin
    DLP Disneyland Hotel pin
    DLP New York hotel pin
    Dead man's chest pin x2
    Halloween 2006 bat pin
    Fall 2006 Thanksgiving Pin
    Green flip hat x4
    Native American boots (aka cowboy boots)
    Pirate hat x29
    Phillip shirt x1
    Phillip pants x1
    Room Codes:
    Caribbean Town Square (Pirate Fortress) x3
    High School Musical x2
    Animal Kingdom Safari Room x1
    Right now I mostly want Shark magic, 1* Bling magics, and sprees. I always like rare stuff like pirate quest, mansion quest, stitch items, sparrow, you know the drill. Please feel free to offer because I might just say yes if I see something i like

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    Re: current have/want list

    How many room codes could i get with five star bling magic?

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    Re: current have/want list

    I have 1* Bling Magic and like basicly all the furniture [ I need some of that desperately ] and the HSM and Animal Safari Rooms.
    Not sure how many things I could get from it, but I know Bling Magic is on sale for 10K and rooms usually go for 3K - 6K depending on the room.
    Maybe we could do a room and some furnish for it?

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