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Thread: Yavn Speaks 4/4

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    Yavn Speaks 4/4

    Yavn's got a friendly reminder and an update on the wackiness the Toons have brought to VMK!

    Me again, so a little Toon told me about a strange sporting event that's starting this weekend I'm working on getting more details about this wacky event, so stay tooned.Keeping it Safe and Fun

    Before this Toon wackiness gets too crazy, I wanted to take a moment and talk a little about VMK and our mission and our commitment to you, our Guests/Players.

    At Disney we work very hard to make VMK a fun and safe environment for Guest of all ages.

    With VMK we've always tired to innovate, be creative and do exciting new things. Sometimes those ideas work great, and sometimes we need to keep working on them and prefecting them. But as Walt said, "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." And of course, as we always have, we very much appreciate that you are with us on the journey.

    VMK or Virtual Magic Kingdom is a FREE online multiplayer game and was launched as part of a promotion for the Disneyland 50th Celebration.
    We've built an awesome community, and VMK Players do their part too. Like any game or community, VMK has rules and guidelines that our players MUST follow to visit and play in the Virtual Magic Kingdom.

    That said, I thought it would be a good idea to talk briefly about our game rules, the VMK Values.

    The rules are very simple. If you follow them, everybody has a lot of fun. If you break them you'll find yourself banned from VMK, which isn't very fun. They're all important, but these are a few I want to focus on today:

    1. Using ANY program that modifies, plays or logs into VMK for you is NOT ALLOWED. Using these programs affect our systems (and other players) and will get you banned.

    If you didn't download it from, DON'T use it with VMK!

    2. NEVER harass players or bother players or engage in ANY behavior that may be offensive or disruptive to the game or other players. This includes disruptive protest, using foul language, name calling, blocking a room, entrance or Quest item.

    Be respectful to other players and the community, don't do anything that wouldn't be allowed in a real Disney park. Treat players as you would like to be treated.

    Be safe! And have fun!

    3. Adult subjects are NEVER allowed in VMK. This includes discussing or describing adult subjects, creating any type of 'relationship' rooms or engaging in chat related to adult subjects or relationships.

    Play VMK like your parents or schoolteacher are watching, if they wouldn't approve of your behavior or activity, there's a very good chance we don't either.

    4. NEVER, under any circumstance ask for or give out ANY personal information to another player. (This includes your password, e-mail address, telephone number, location, or other means of contact or personal information.)

    It doesn't matter if you know the person giving out ANY personal information online is NEVER safe, against VMK Values and will get you banned.

    5. Don't describe or discuss acts of violence against yourself or others. Doing this will not only get you banned but depending on the situation it could also get you into trouble with local authorities (that means the police).

    6. Don't scam or steal from other players. Don't give away, trade or sell your VMK character.

    Scamming takes many forms, for example creating or opening any type of 'Pay to Play' room. (This is a room where you pay the room owner to play a game and it's up to the room owner to award the prize.) Players charging for ANY type of game or activity is also against VMK Values and will get you banned.

    These are just a few of the VMK Values, for the full list look [URL="

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    Re: Yavn Speaks 4/4

    dragon we got this already in the news

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